Do you own a space and want to rent it temporarily ?

My Pop Up Store, with its 14 years of experience, is able to support you in renting out your space.

As an intermediary between the customer and the owner, My Pop Up Store takes care of marketing your space, from the visit to the contractualization.

To include your space in our catalog of places, contact us.

To relieve the owners of the operational management of their place, My Pop Up Store offers tailor-made support: visit, negotiation, contracting and invoicing, collection of rents, organization of inventory of fixtures. Our team takes care of the management of your space from start to finish and offers you regular follow-up appointments.

To offer your space to our management team, contact us.

Our spaces under exclusive management : 

16 rue de Poitou, 75003 Paris

At the start of the school year in September 2021, the lessor asks our team to manage a program of brands that will occupy its space for short periods. The owner has chosen to dedicate the shop to pop-up stores so that he himself has the possibility of occupying his shop for a few weeks of the year if he wishes, in particular for exhibitions and openings.

Since the beginning of our exclusive management mandate, we have supported the owner in all his development projects for the premises, while ensuring a 100% occupancy rate.

Poitou 16 - Intérieur
Poitou 16 - intérieur

93 Quai de Valmy, 75010 Paris

Following a dispute with the former tenant in 2021, the owner took the time to reflect before relaunching the marketing of his shop on a commercial lease.

It is during this time of reflection that Frédéric calls on our team and explains his challenges to us. In particular that of preserving the goodwill, while welcoming emerging brands and testing new concepts in a district which is known for its effervescence, but not particularly for its pop-up stores.

We then work on a program that responds to the problems of the owner, while enhancing the value of the asset. Today, the shop is constantly busy and has established itself as THE pop-up store on the Quai de Valmy.

93 quai de Valmy - Devanture
93 quai de Valmy - Vitrine
93 quai de Valmy - Intérieur

11 rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris

Flagship store in the catalog since 2012 ! It was entrusted to us by private owners anxious to make profitable their premises, operated until then in office, while keeping their freedom. This freedom does not exclude this consented fidelity which binds us for more than 10 years today !

The shop has never been empty, and has seen many qualitative concepts that are a credit to the neighborhood.

This store has seen the emergence of many brands today considered success stories : Ysé Lingerie, Le Slip Français… As well as new and spectacular collaborations from Kenzo, Petit Bateau, Monoprix…

12 rue des Filles du Calvaire, 75003 Paris

Shop leased by My Pop Up Store to be dedicated to ephemeral shops.

We run it like any other store in our portfolio, proof of our faith in the model.

The shop has continued to grow ever since, following the upward curve of the street.

Very popular with young emerging trendy brands and fashion week customers.

Pop Up Store Filles Du Calvaire
Pop Up Store Filles Du Calvaire
Pop Up Store Filles Du Calvaire

16 rue Saint-Roch, 75001 Paris

Shop entrusted by its owner since 2012 also, with unfailing loyalty.

Magnificent Art Deco setting which has welcomed high-end brands and concepts, for generally quite long periods of time.

IL Bisonte, Cifonnelli and Diptyque are among the brands that honored the store with their operations!

Forum des Halles

Shop recently entrusted by the lessor who wanted to test the model on his network via a specialized operator. Interest: animate an area, source new brands while guaranteeing more than interesting profitability.

The first concept installed via the Jimmy Lion brand was so successful that it sparked many vocations !

To be continued !

Champs-Elysées Gallery

Most beautiful gallery of the Champs Elysées, renovated by Jean Nouvel, property of a real estate rather specialized in professional real estate.

My Pop Up Store won a tender in 2016 to manage the common spaces of the gallery (the central aisle) which had never been valued until then. This is how by marketing these kiosk locations, it is not only additional income for the lessor, but a qualitative animation for the gallery and a way of stretching the flows inwards.

It is also the possibility of testing brands that can sustain their presence in the shops of the center afterwards.

The Gallery has since hosted concepts as attractive as the Tour de France, Hard Rock Café, Marvel, La Maison du Savon de Marseille, etc.


My Pop Up Store recently won a call for tenders with the RATP, which entrusted it with more than 30 locations in the network to be marketed in pop up stores.

The subject is as attractive and promising as it is demanding in its implementation. After Lego and Wpuff, we should see myriads of new brands and concepts gaining a foothold in the Paris metro.

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